Win an interest-free business loan of up to R5 million, Competition open till the end of November.

Enterprise and Supplier Development and business loan funding provider, Inyosi Empowerment is approaching the end of their exclusive loan funding competition.

If you haven’t heard, Inyosi is providing a black-owned business with an exciting opportunity to win an interest free business loan of up to R5 million. This could be exactly what your business needs in order to reach new heights!

Established in 2012, Inyosi Empowerment has touched the lives of many black-owned businesses and has built an ethos of transforming the businesses it partners up with to grow and disrupt the South African markets. Having advanced more than R912 million to growing businesses across South Africa and assisting over 300 black-owned businesses to develop and thrive through their competitively priced loan funding, there really does not appear to be much that can stop Inyosi Empowerment from shaking up your business – for the better!

Not only will Inyosi be providing a business with interest free loan funding, they will also be providing the runners-up with access to their in-house preferential procurement portal, iHive, and access to YES programme interns.

Keep reading to find out more about these business friendly prizes, and what a few of Inyosi’s beneficiaries and YES Programme interns have to say.

About iHive

Finding new clients, growth opportunities and a marketplace to sell products and services can often be a challenge for businesses. Inyosi therefore created iHive, an in-house web-based directory of pre-vetted black-owned suppliers that operate across a wide variety of industries and are listed by invitation only. iHive simplifies the process of finding reputable black-owned suppliers – since the launch of iHive in 2019, over 120 businesses have reaped the rewards of procurement opportunities from within Inyosi Empowerment’s investor companies. 

In addition, iHive also allows Inyosi’s investors to apply their skill development funding into the provision of bursaries for underprivileged students in marginalized communities. Through this channel, Inyosi has facilitated the provision of over 430 bursaries to students living in these communities.

Runners-up of the competition, which is set to close at the end of November 2022, will be granted access to iHive for the duration of 36 months, where you will be able to access growth opportunities for your business and ultimately expand your client or supplier base. What are the benefits of being listed on iHive? Your business will be provided with access to target markets, capital, and may qualify for growth/working capital funding.

Testimony from one of iHive’s listed suppliers:
"It is such a pleasure to work with the Inyosi team. Ahavah, a small but growing business enjoyed much needed exposure through the Inyosi iHive portal that we would not have had access to on our own. At Ahavah, we pride ourselves on providing excellenct quality and service and are therefore able to confidently service clients efficiently and effectively."

About the YES Programme

You may be familiar with the Youth Employment Service (YES) Programme. Due to the high youth unemployment rate, the private sector and government came up with a collaborative initiative called the YES (Youth Employment Service) Programme, which aims to assist the Youth of South Africa in developing skills and gaining work experience through employment placement. The implementation of the YES Programme is intended to provide South African youths with training and job opportunities.

Inyosi has been a YES implementation partner for a number of its Investors since 2018, and has since placed over 1100 interns within their beneficiary companies. As part of the R5 million loan competition and taking into account the high unemployment rate in South Africa, the runners-up of the competition will have 2 YES interns placed within their business for the duration of a year, providing your business with the additional man power it needs, without carrying the additional salary costs.

Testimony from a YES intern:
"My name is Ntsika Dantile. I’m very grateful to be part of the YES interns programme. Working for ARG design has changed my life as an young profession. It has made me to keep working hard and has increased my interests as an intern in the field of accounting and finance. I am always proud because this opportunity has helped my family. My mother is a single parent and she has been unemployment so this has been a life changing opportunity that I will always be grateful for. The YES programme has brought hope into my life and family life. Thank you for supporting me. I am motivated to wake up every day and do my duties as required because I am inspired as a young profession to learn and build myself. This is life changing opportunity. My objective about my future is to specialize in the financial sector and empower those who do not have any purpose in life. I want to better my family situation. I live in a one room house. This opportunity is helping me shape the dream. Thank you to Inyosi Empowerment. Thank you to ARG Design."
Testimony from one of Inyosi's beneficiaries:
The YES Programme is a great initiative for both ARG Design as a host company and the interns. With the valued assistants of the Inyosi employees who manage the programme, ARG has been able host 2 interns, one in the architectural department and the other in the finance and administration department. Our employees have been given the opportunity to participate in the growth and development of the interns and are therefore able to make a positive contribution and impact to the transfer of skills in the industry, and the interns are able to gain the necessary working experience. We support this initiative and encourage companies that are not yet participating to get involved in the YES programme.

There are 31 days left to enter their exclusive loan funding competition, so do not miss out on this exciting opportunity for your business. Take advantage of what Inyosi is offering your business through their loan funding competition. Send in an online application form today and be one step closer to taking your business to the next level. 

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