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Inyosi Empowerment was created in partnership with Stellar Capital Partners Ltd and Mineworkers Investment Company (Pty) Ltd. The Inyosi Enterprise Development Investment, has been offered since 2012, was rebranded (from Cadiz Enterprise Development Investment) and relaunched in the first quarter of 2016.

Inyosi Empowerment – the BEE specialists – draws it inspiration from the African honey bee (inyosi is the Nguni word for honey bee). A bee hive is the embodiment of individuals working together for a common good. Inyosi Empowerment draws together companies and black-owned businesses in a sustainable manner.

The Inyosi Enterprise Development Investment and the Inyosi Supplier Development Investment are two specialist investment funds which focus on providing funding and ancillary support to black-owned businesses. Inyosi Empowerment provides loan funding to companies with a minimum of 3 to 5 year track record, more than 51% black owned and with a turnover of less than R50 million.

As a result of the significant track record built up in this space since the launch of our Enterprise Development Investment solution in 2012, and with the Amended Codes of Good Practice requiring a supplier development solution, we have developed and launched the Inyosi Supplier Development Investment as a complementary investment-based supplier development solution to the South African market.

Since inception in 2012, over 400 companies have invested into these investment based solutions and have enjoyed a professional, informed and market-leading solution for their BEE scorecard needs. With the addition of the Inyosi Supplier Development Investment, Inyosi Empowerment is now able to offer existing and prospective clients a comprehensive solution to their enterprise and supplier development needs.

Partnerships Formed

New Partnerships Formed

Inyosi Capital (Pty) Ltd
Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) is a global movement that has proven its ability to stimulate economies, diversify supplier chains and create jobs. The spirit of ESD is embodied in the growth of small and medium-sized businesses through the provision of finance and support. This support can help these businesses to overcome obstacles and increase their competitiveness in the market, with the end result being job creation and poverty alleviation.
SEFA has partnered with Inyosi Capital (Pty) Ltd in the Western Cape to provide financial support to SMMEs who are participating in the ESD programmes of various corporates. The partnership involves a R30 million SEFA investment in Inyosi Capital. This capital injection is expected to unlock at least R60 million from the private sector’s participating corporates through their ESD programmes. Under this partnership, Inyosi Capital will provide an online portal through which SMEs can access available opportunities. The portal will also enable corporates to access a bigger pool of suppliers. The benefits of this partnership are expected to reach at least 42SMEs. Over 90 job opportunities over a two year period are also expected.

Making Enterprise & Supplier Development work

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