Through our comprehensive service offering, we are able to offer our investors a comprehensive Enterprise & Supplier Development solution whilst also providing black-owned businesses with Access to Funding, Access to Markets and Access to Skills.

"Inyosi Empowerment have been instrumental in assisting us with earning accredited supplier development points as well as facilitating introductions to black-owned suppliers."

For Investors

Shift your Enterprise & Supplier Development spend from an expense on your income statement to an asset on your balance sheet. Achieve more than mere compliance to BEE legislation with this single upfront investment, which offers diversified exposure with meaningful & measurable social benefits. Allowing you to focus on what you do best.

For Borrowers

Inyosi’s holistic solution assists qualifying black-owned businesses with Access to Funding, Markets and Skills. Through our competitively priced funding, agreed matched grant funding and access to our inhouse web-based preferential procurement platform, iHive, we have directly assisted the development of over 300 black-owned beneficiaries to date.

"Inyosi Empowerment has provided the funding to take Silulo from a one branch business to a 13 store chain."

About Us

Inyosi is the Nguni word for honey bee. A beehive is the embodiment of individuals working together for the common good. This has been our guiding principal since our inception in 2012.
Through our three specialist funds, the Enterprise Development Fund, Enterprise Development ICT Fund and Supplier Development Fund we provide an expert solution to our Investors ESD requirements whilst at the same time providing qualifying black-businesses with Access to Funding, Markets and Skills.

Featured Enterprise & Supplier Development

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Fund Reports & Investor Forms

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