Under the Amended BEE Codes, Supplier and Enterprise Development is the largest element of the B-BBEE score card with a potential 40 available points (+ 4 bonus points).

For companies to add these 44 points to their scorecard requires a deep knowledge of the codes to discern what is termed as a suitable investment. Furthermore, then there is the task of finding the investment, ongoing monitoring of the investment & the associated administrative task relating to the investment.

Inyosi ESD Funds

  • Removes the guess work out of finding suitable Enterprise Supplier Development opportunities. 
  • Provides investors with accredited Enterprise Development points though their investment for as long as they remain invested. 
  • Offers investors a real return on their investment. 
  • Transforms Enterprise Supplier Development spend from an income statement cost to a balance sheet asset. 
  • Unlocks growth opportunities for qualifying black-owned businesses through Access to Funding, Markets and Skills
  • Helps to drive economic transformation in South Africa & shape a scalable approach to SMME growth and job creation.
Enterprise Development Fund
Enterprise Development ICT Fund
Supplier Development Fund
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