A Preferential Procurement Solution 
Developed and managed by Inyosi Empowerment

The development of iHive was driven by the requirement for a solution that would assist our investors in sourcing quality black-owned suppliers from which they could procure goods and services from.

iHive – developed by Inyosi, is an intuitive, web-based platform which:

  • Provides you with access to a list of verified and referenced black-owned suppliers from which you can procure goods and services from,
  • Allows you to review suppliers and make procurement decisions based on the recommendations / experiences / reviews of other investors,
  • Allows you to perform real time assessment of your suppliers and their empowerment and development status in relation to the BEE codes,
  • Compliments the maintenance and upkeep of your supplier list,
  • Sends automatic reminders to iHive registered suppliers to update crucial documentation to maintain their empowerment status,
  • Ability to refer your own black-owned suppliers for inclusion on iHive, which in turn provides them with:
  • Access to Target markets (Over 500 companies will have access to the portal); and
  • Access to Inyosi funding.

iHive will also be used to monitor and report on all loans which are made to facilitate supplier development on your behalf.

iHive’s value in underpinned by access to a data base of quality black-owned suppliers which are referred to us by our investors, which we then screen and reference check before inviting them to list on the portal.

iHive is value enhancing to both investors and suppliers.

For other Investors

As they are able to procure goods & services from your data base of suppliers and vice versa, you are provided with access to a larger data base of suppliers that have been tried and tested by others.

For the suppliers listed on iHive

  • There is No cost to these suppliers,
  • They are benefiting from access to Target Markets, and
  • Access to Inyosi Funding


How do I access iHive?

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Help-line (09:00 – 17:00 daily)
021 657 8774