Preferential Procurement Portal

How does the Preferential Procurement Portal work?

Our investors are provided access to our preferential procurement portal. This portal is designed to provide companies with:

  • Online management of suppliers

    The Revised Codes of Good Practice requires an empowering supplier status for preferential procurement purposes. We provide an online functionality which allows you to upload all your suppliers and then manage their empowering supplier status on a live basis. Suppliers who sign up on the portal will benefit from additional demand for their goods and services. All requests on the portal are communicated to the relevant companies by email providing an efficient and informed market place.

  • Purchase of goods and services via the portal

    The Preferential Procurement Portal provides investors with unlimited access to over 100 000 potential suppliers. This portal leverages technology to its utmost, allowing a company to specify what goods or services it wishes to acquire, and stipulating what information it requires from responding possible suppliers. Once the suppliers have completed all their information and the request is closed, the responses are ranked against criteria set by the company who made the original request. This results in a highly efficient procurement process underpinned by a fully auditable online platform.

  • Become a supplier on the portal

    All our investor companies are encouraged to sign up and become potential suppliers on the portal.

The services provided by an investment in the Inyosi Supplier Development Investment include:

    • Training of up to 2 delegates per investor on the Preferential Procurement Portal
    • The management of the competitive bidding procedures
    • Premier membership – investors and their suppliers automatically qualify for Premier membership to the Procurement Portal giving them automatic access to tenders worth billions of Rand
    • The search ability of the supplier database (on request) via the Preferential Procurement Portal
    • Unlimited access to the investor’s own suppliers listed on the Preferential Procurement Portal
    • Supplier support – investors’ suppliers will receive prompts to update their records needed to maintain their empowering supplier status
    • A consulting session with a procurement expert on the competitive bidding process and the identification of supplier development opportunities
    • The provision of bid templates developed for suppliers during and after the consultation
    • Access to a simple RFQ (Request for Quote) tool which facilitates easy adoption and use of the Preferential Procurement Portal


How do I access the Preferential Procurement Portal?

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