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Solar Rent-to-Own Funding 

Inyosi Solar will empower black-owned SMEs by offering an accessible path to renewable energy through our affordable, high-quality solar through an innovative rent-to-own financial offering.

About Us

At Inyosi Solar we provide a fully funded end-to-end renewable energy solution that is tailored to small and medium-sized black-owned enterprises (EME and QSEs) in South Africa and their business/energy needs. Our solar solution is designed to complement Inyosi Empowerment’s existing offerings which provide black-owned businesses with access to capital, markets, and skills. Inyosi Solar will offer solar on an innovative rent-to-own basis.

Our offerings

We provide an end-to-end (design, specify, install, monitor, and manage), quality solar solution at an affordable price. The three options are grid-tied, backup or hybrid, and off-grid systems using proven high-quality equipment/ hardware/supplies. The offering will include the following key features in order to support our respective clients throughout the process of transitioning to solar:

  • A detailed assessment of the client’s energy needs and requirements (including site visits, collection and analysis of energy invoices and data logger information, and other relevant supporting information).
  • The design of the system at a central point.
  • Installation and programming of the system.
  • Online monitoring during the rental period (identification and proposed diagnosis of issues).

Solar Rent-to-Own Funding

Inyosi Solar envisions empowering black-owned SMEs by offering an accessible path to renewable energy through
our affordable, high-quality rent-to-own solar financial offering. Our commitment is rooted in facilitating the delivery
of expertly designed and installed solar solutions, with funding provided by Inyosi Solar at competitive rates and at
terms designed with SMEs in mind. Inyosi Solar strives to foster sustainable growth and prosperity within our
community of lessees, enabling these businesses to not only “keep the lights on” but also to thrive, all while
contributing to a greener and brighter future for everyone.

Our mission

At Inyosi Solar, our mission is to empower black-owned small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)- which are the backbone of South Africa’s economy-to thrive by providing access to renewable and reliable energy through our solar funding on a rent-to-own basis. We aim to achieve this by not merely serving as energy suppliers, but as energy partners to ensure an enjoyable solar experience.



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