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What is the Inyosi Enterprise Development Investment?

The Inyosi Enterprise Development Investment provides loan capital at affordable interest rates to black-owned businesses and beneficiaries. This loan funding is essential for enterprises to grow and sustain their businesses. The Inyosi Enterprise Development Investment achieves this by raising capital from companies who believe that by pooling their enterprise development requirements, they can collectively achieve a scalable, sustainable and transformative solution. This pool of capital is used to fund black businesses in terms of the Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment Act, No. 53 of 3013 (“B-BBEE”) and the Codes of Good Practice. Corporate clients can now earn the required enterprise development points in terms of the B-BBEE scorecard by shifting their enterprise development spend from income statement to balance sheet.

This strategic investment combines earning a real return on their asset with earning accredited enterprise development points for multiple financial years. Companies can now take an active role in shaping a commercially scalable approach to SMME growth and job creation by investing where they see potential for shared value – and can ensure that their capital is invested on a commercial and sustainable basis.

Since 2012 over R160m has been loaned out. As a result of our responsible approach to lending, to date, we have not experienced a single missed interest or capital repayment. As capital is repaid by our borrowers it forms a continual source of loan funding for new loans to other black-owned beneficiaries.

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Global Award winners

In 2016, there were 11 recipients of the Schwab Global Social Entrepreneurs Awards. Of those, two came from South Africa. We are proud of the fact that both of them have been funded by the Inyosi Enterprise Development Investment. Read more